Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Buffalo, MN

What can I expect from Storm Damage Storms can cause damage to a home especially if there is outside damage. The wind blew off the siding which allowed water to... READ MORE

Using Drying Mats After Storm Water Intrusion

When our area received heavy rains from a large storm, the rains carried debris into the storm drain outside this home. The storm drains became blocked and the ... READ MORE

Drying Equipment In Place After Flooding

When the crew of SERVPRO of Wright County was contacted to repair this home after it was affected by flooding from heavy rains, we responded quickly and got sta... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Ceiling

The ceiling of this home was damaged when a rainwater intrusion caused by damage that was done to the roof during previous storms saturated the insulation in th... READ MORE

Leaking Roof Causes Damage Above Shower

This home suffered damage to the roof that was caused by previous storms and allowed rainwater to enter the home, causing the damage you see pictured here. When... READ MORE

Roof Damage Causes Loss

A tree fell on the roof of this home in Princeton causing damage and allowing rain to run into the attic. The insulation was saturated and the ceiling sustained... READ MORE