Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

How to keep mold from spreading?

Spreading Mold in Maple Lake, MNWhen this home had mold in their basement they were worried that their entire home was going to need to be remodeled. They did s... READ MORE

How do you keep mold from growing on wood floor?

Mold Growth on Wood Floors The main concern with wood floors is mold growth. When this home had a water damage the floors soaked up the water. Without quick mit... READ MORE

St. Michael, MN Home with Water and Mold Damage

Black Mold in Closet A pipe break in the closet had caused moisture buildup inside the wall. It was not a large break but enough water had been leaking out that... READ MORE

Could your home have hidden mold?

St. Michael, MN, Mold Problems Looking at the first picture it is hard to tell that there is a mold problem. There really isn't any visible mold growing on the ... READ MORE

Buffalo, MN Mold Damage

Mold Behind Door Frames This home in Buffalo, MN, had a large water damage. Excess water and humidity are the primary reasons for mold growth. Items That Grow M... READ MORE

Rockford Home with Mold Damage

The basement of this Rockford home had a significant water damage from a broken pipe. The water was not discovered for some time as the family was away for a we... READ MORE